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Yesha Prajapati is a member of the HerCampus UIC chapter and a Campus Trendsetter! She is part of a community of undergraduate tastemakers at college campuses across the world, serving as the key insight group that informs the world about the opinions of Gen Z. As a Gen Z Influencer, she has worked with brands such as Garnier, Bondi Sands, Shea Moisture, and others to create content and articles about their products.


Watercolor brush pens review

I have always loved art and experimenting with color. I have used many different kinds of art supplies like oil pastels, acrylic and watercolor paints, and colored pencils. I was looking for a product that would give me the watercolor effect, without the hassle. I was so happy to stumble across Sangria Pens, and test out these amazing watercolor brush pens!

These pens are very vibrant and offer a great color pay-off. I had been working on a floral art piece, and I needed colors that I could blend and also use on their own. The watercolor brush pens are great because they include an aqua/water brush pen which is great for individuals that love to blend colors in their art pieces.

Each brush stroke holds a lot of pigment and it is also easy to control exactly how much color you want to distribute. Aside from my floral art piece, I have found myself using these pens for all of my art projects and freestyle work! Recently I have been bullet journaling and practicing calligraphy lettering. These pens have been my go-to for calligraphy lettering. The brush tip allows for seamless strokes and precision and makes the letters look more elegant rather than stiff.

Another great thing I discovered while experimenting with these pens was that tips could be brushed together to create an ombre color. This was a great hack because it adds more vibrancy to any art piece and expands the color palette. Inspiration is a funny thing because you never really know when it can strike. I love painting, however, it isn’t the best option when traveling.

These pens are portable, and the best part is that there is no clean-up afterward! Think of these pens as your magical wands, because they truly help bring out the artist in everyone! Art has always been a passion of mine, and these wonderful watercolor pens have made me feed that passion more and create my very own art pieces.

Grab your very own set of Sangria Pens watercolor brush pens so that you can use your very own wands and create something magical!


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