If it's your first time using watercolor brush pens they can be quite daunting but once you get used to them they actually very easy to use. The soft brush tip and the slender pen body are not too hard to master with a bit of practice. It is essentially just painting but with a pen instead of a paintbrush. For anyone who's new to using watercolor brush pens, here are 3 quick tips to remember:

Tip 1: Getting to grips with the soft brush tips 

Most watercolor brush pens usually come with a different range of brush tips. Some are very soft whereas others may be not be as soft. The differences between the texture of tips is important depending on what you prefer as an artist.

When you are using them you have to use them just like a paintbrush which means the amount of pressure you apply will result in thin or broad strokes. If you apply strokes with minimal pressure, you'll get thin lines--- this is great for when you're working on finer details. However to cover larger areas and to produce thicker or wider strokes, hold your brush pen at around 30 degrees and apply more pressure.

Be careful and not apply too much pressure because that can easily fray the tips. This will take practise so doing thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes for practise before diving into your first masterpiece is what I would recommend -- especially if you're going to use our brush pens for hand lettering or calligraphy.

Tip 2: Don't forget to use your water/aqua brush pen

Watercolor brush pen sets always come with at least 1 water/aqua brush pen. They are there so you won't have to keep a glass of water beside you as you work and they make it a whole lot easier to blend your painting.

When you fill out the water/aqua brush pen and squeeze the middle of the barrel, it produces drops of water that you can use for blending and mixing colors together whenever you need to. The longer you dip the brush tip in water, the lighter the colors become so make sure to play around with the water/aqua brush until you become familiar with it. 

Tip 3: Blending is easy with these pens.

You can blend two brush tips together to create gradient or ombre effects very easily. You just need to touch or rub the brush pens tips together and they will create a new shade for you to use and it's best to use colors within the same family to get best results.

Make sure that one pen has a darker shade than the other. Apply the darker brush tip to the lighter one. You know you're ready to apply when the lighter pen has absorbed some of the darker ink. You should get a pretty dark-to-light gradient effect. 

These are just 3 quick tips you need to remember when you start using your watercolor brush pens - the rest is up to you.


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